Design a Child Safety Poster: Poster Contest for Students on Kids and Safety Issues

A poster contest for students can act as an art project which illustrates safety measures from a positive perspective. Rather than make kids fearful, designing posters develops leadership skills and helps children realize they have the power and responsibility to protect themselves.

Safety Poster Design Contests

The first step in poster-making is to define safety and to identify the dangers children face. A brainstorming session with open discussion will bring up the issues children feel are relevant. Have a volunteer jot down the best topics or those most of the persistent in the session.

Questions to ask the students:

  • What dangers do your parents often warn you of?
  • When do you feel afraid?
  • What situations do you think kids get harmed most in?
  • What are real threats there to children in your neighborhood?
  • What dangers do kids face in their homes?
  • What dangers do kids face when traveling?
  • What types of sickness or injuries can be prevented?

Conduct the Poster Contest

A poster contest should be conducted over a matter of weeks in order for all the children to finish their posters. Studying the issues in class will help the children to choose their topics. The students should attempt to create a poster that isn’t frightening. It should be positive and present a solution while addressing the danger.

Encourage students to plan a way to make the images memorable and bright, using few words especially for young children. The meaning of the poster should be easily discerned by the pictures. Remember that simple, humorous or silly ideas may make a stronger impression with little children.

Set a date for posters to be turned in for judging. Local firefighters might be asked to judge the students’ work. Prizes and public recognition will get students to take the contest seriously and build self-confidence. If you kids lack in self-confidence then you have to encourage them to express their feelings. Coloring is one of the best activities for kids to gain confidence in their abilities and become more social in their lives.

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Guidelines for Poster Contest

A few guidelines for students will keep them on track. Simple rules and helpful hints will encourage students to enter. Here is a short list of basic guidelines:

  1. Choose an issue that is real to kids in your locality
  2. Show a solution, not just a danger
  3. Only address one safety issue
  4. Use bright encouraging colors, not fearful dark colors
  5. Take your poster seriously (You may be saving a child from injury or death.)
  6. Teach in a memorable way
  7. Use few words mostly images
  8. Get your poster in on time
  9. Neatness counts!

Kids Safety Issues

Children today face very different issues than children a few decades ago faced. There are plenty of issues that kids can address with their posters, from safe bike riding to a safe street crossing, passenger safety to safety from strangers or abuse. Some topics, of course, may be unsuitable for posters.

Here are some other issues to consider and discuss with children:

  • Fire safety
  • Water safety
  • Home accident safety
  • Sports safety
  • Internet safety
  • Travel safety
  • Health safety
  • Stranger safety
  • Safety in public places

Keeping Kids Safe

The safety of children should be of concern to all adults, but children also can share in the work by taking responsibility for their own safety when they can. Children can learn about the issues and how to protect themselves and their friends in dangerous situations, or better yet avoid the danger through education.

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